• Christmas Tree Ornament

    Hand Made Christmas Ornaments

    Hand Made Christmas Ornaments The Artisans at Black Walnut Ridge are making hand made ornaments for...

  • Walnut-bowl-Large

    New Large Black Walnut Slice Bowl

    Large Black Walnut Slice Bowl Making things out of Black Walnut shells is an old folk...

  • Black Walnut Ridge Candles

    Soy and Paraffin Wax Candle Difference

    Soy and Paraffin Wax Candle Difference Working with both waxes, I’ve learned the difference between  paraffin...

  • Website-new-shelves-and-slatwall

    Waiting for Artisans to move in

    Waiting for Artisans to move in The Shelves and Slat wall are assembled and ready for...

  • Website-New-Store-Blog

    Black Walnut Ridge LLC Opens new Store in Twin Lakes, WI

    Black Walnut Ridge LLC. Opens New Store I have started a new gift gallery .  Black...

  • Walnut-Bowl-bottom-large

    Work of the Week Continues

    I have settled into my new house and now it’s time to start blogging!  I’ve named...

  • Art on the Lawn

    Art on the Lawn

    The Antioch Fine Arts Foundation is hosting a fine arts sales event featuring a variety of...

  • Arts Foundation

    Antioch Fine Arts Foundation Gallery

    The Antioch Fine Arts Foundation began in October 2001 as a center for interaction among northeastern...

  • kristine plum

    Painting with Water

    In Painting with Water, Kristine Plum will provide instruction on composition, value study and transparent watercolor...

  • Magnolia-Chandelier

    Magnolia Chandelier

    I wouldn’t really call this a traditional botanic painting, because it is somewhat loose in treatment,...

  • Magnolia-Shadows

    Magnolia Shadows

    I am resuming my “Painting of the Week” blog with Magnolia Shadows. I am updating my...

  • artist-104110-5729-Sailing-Through-Life700w

    Sailing Through Life

    This painting is of my daughter and her husband sailing in their Oday 22 sailboat on...